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Pony Club Christmas Party


Thursday 21st December 2017

10.00 am - 1.00 pm


Christmas theme

Riding, Games and Christmas Party


£25.00 per person

Open to Pony Club and Pony Day members


Pony Days

Wed 14/2/18 ( Book a place online ) Wed 28/3/18 ( Book a place online )
Wed 30/5/18 ( Book a place online ) Wed 1/8/18 ( Book a place online )
Wed 29/8/18 ( Book a place online ) Wed 31/10/18 ( Book a place online )

10.00 am to 3.00 pm

For children not wishing to join the Pony Club we offer days during half term and in the summer holidays to come and have riding lessons, pony care and games. These are great fun informal days, the day includes Flat work, Jumping, Stable Management and Gymkhana Games and the groups will be divided into ability. 

More dates and a 2 day non residential camp will be available during the year, please look at the website for more information.



(to include the hire of an Urchinwood Manor horse or pony)






Pony Morning (Pony Club)

Thurs 15/2/18 ( Book a place online ) Thurs 29/3/18 ( Book a place online )
Thurs 31/5/18 ( Book a place online ) Thurs 2/8/18 ( Book a place online )
Thurs 30/8/18 ( Book a place online ) Thurs 1/11/18 ( Book a place online )

10.00 am to noon

Our Pony Club is affiliated to the National Pony Club and gives children a chance to learn about riding and pony management if they don't have their own pony.  The group has regular rallies and a two day non-residential camp in the Summer.  We work towards the Pony Club certificates and badges.  The members also join in with our Young Equestrians for social events.

We also join up with the Weston Harriers Pony Club.

The Morning works towards Pony Club badges and certificates for Riding and Stable Management 


(to include the hire of an Urchinwood Manor horse or pony)






Tel: 01934 833248