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Fees as of 1st January 2024

We are able to offer several types of livery depending on your requirements.

Full livery includes mucking out, bedding down and feeding. In addition to this we can offer additional services such as Grooming, Tack Cleaning and Exercise.

Your horse will be turned out into the livery paddocks whether on his or her own or with a companion if required.

If you would like exercise this can be done, just stipulate if you want your horse lunged or ridden. This is always done by a member of staff.

We can get your horse ready and plaited for a show and clipped when required.

You may feel you would like to do more with your horse and then we will just feed and muck out for you.

We do working livery which is a very economical way to keep your horse or pony. We use your horse or pony in the riding school, ridden by a suitable client and always with supervision from the team of instructors. You can come and ride when you like and use the excellent facilities.

We do grass livery in the Summer and Autumn months or we can bring your horse/pony in at night depending on the time of year.

There is always a competent person on site.

Our farrier comes each Tuesday and we have excellent service from Bushy Equine Vets.

All our livery clients enjoy riding and going to various competitions together or just chatting over a cup of tea in the canteen.

Horse boxes and trailers can be parked on site.

We also have tackrooms and use of a washing machine for numnahs and boots.


Please ring to discuss your requirements.


Schooling/Breaking Livery

By qualified Urchinwood Manor staff (Permanent or Minimum of 7 nights)

£170 per week


Standard Livery (for mares and geldings)

Small box, per week (Including stable, mucking out, bedding and feed)  

Large box per week (Including stable, mucking out, bedding and feed) £125.00
Summer per week (Grass catch during summer but a stable is available for the day) £100.00
Pen per week (Including, bedding and feed) £60.00


Working Livery (includes, bedding, feed and grooming in winter, and Grass keep, grooming and feed if required in summer)

In Pen per week

At Grass per week  £40.00
In Stable (Block) per week (includes, bedding, feed and grooming in winter and Grass keep, grooming and feed if required in summer) £65.00

Grass Livery  (summer months only)

Client looks after horse and tack per week


Overnight stabling Excess Charge per week (Urchinwood Manor mucks out stable)


Additional Services

Catch and Turn out per day

Grooming per day £5.00
Exercise 5 days per week (horse walker)   £32.00
Exercise per day(horse walker)   £8.00
Exercise per day (Lunging) £10.00
Exercise per day (hacking) £20.00
Shoeing Admin fee £3.60


Overnight Stabling (for shows and courses etc) 

Stable and bedding (no groom service or feed included) 

 £22.00 per night.


Clipping Charges

Full Clip 

£70.00 + VAT
Hunter Clip  £65.00 + VAT
Blanket/Trace Clip  £52.00 + VAT
Chase Clip  £52.00 + VAT
Mane orTail Pulled (other than usual trimming included in grooming) £20.00 each 
Plaiting £20.00


Additional Feed

Concentrates and haylage are available whilst at grass by arrangement.


Owners of horses/ponies kept at Urchinwood Manor under conditions set out above are entitled to use the excellent facilities available including the indoor school, cross country course etc.


Conditions of Livery

All horses have to have current flu/tetanus and Rhinopheumontis vaccinations. These are not included in the above prices.


Owners are requested to specify their exercise requirements by 2.30 pm of the previous day.







Tel: 01934 833248