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 Lesson Types


At Urchinwood we offer lessons from 4 years to 80 years old and for complete beginners to competition riders on their own horses. When you feel ready our clients have a chance to compete on our school horses in Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. 

As an Accessibility Mark Centre we specialise in disabled riders, encouraging all riders to reach their full potential, while enjoying being with horses in a safe environment.

Our indoor and outdoor schools are of a high standard with Andrews Bowen surfaces.

During the Summer months we have a full set of Show Jumps in the fields and open up the Cross Country Course  which is very popular.

Or choose to have a hack around the farm on a summers evening.

Although correct riding kit is a must, there is no need to buy expensive riding clothing to start with, stretch jeans/trousers and footwear with a small heel are suitable. We supply BHS approved Riding Hats as part of your lesson.



How it Works


We currently use an online booking system operated by EC Pro.  Once you have regestered and been issued with a provisional riding grade (we tend to be pesimistic with these, and the Instructors may reallowcate once we have seen you ride) you will be able to see all the lessons suitable to your age and ability online.


Age Groups

Name Age range Notes
Child/Teen 4 to 17 Years old  
Adult 17 to 80 Years old We will allow client over 80 to ride but please call the office to arrange

Riding Levels, We currently have 6 levels, and the riders will need to be able to consistantly demonstrate the following Capabilities.



0. Intro
  • Only need compleate 1 of these to show rider and accompanying adult the do's and don'ts arround horses
1. Lead Rein (Child or Teen)
  • Mount with Assistance
  • Stop, Start, and turn
  • Know the basic parts of the saddle and bridal
  • Know the location of the letters arround the areana
  • Demonstrate confidence and ballance through simple games and exercises
  • Progress towards rising Trot
2. Beginer (Adult)
  • Mount with Assistance
  • Stop, Start, and turn
  • Know the basic parts of the saddle and bridal
  • Know the location of the letters arround the areana
  • Demonstrate confidence and ballance through simple games and exercises
  • Progress towards rising Trot
3. Walk, Trot
  • Mount with Assistance
  • Use basic aids to comunicate with pony sensitively and effectively
  • Know the terms for basic equipment, and undwestand its function
  • Know how to sit properly, and understand why it is vital
  • perform simple changes of rein, 20 meter circles figers of 8 and other school figures
  • Demonstrate confidence and ballance through simple exercises
  • Demonstrate confident and compedent rising trot
  • Know basic parts of horse anatomy
  • Know basic equestrian terms
  • Know about rising trot diagonals
4. Walk, Trot plus
  • Demonstrate they have mastered the walk and trot exercises and have a ballanced position
  • Trot a circle without styrups
  • Demonstrate the aids for canter
  • Demonstrate canter transitions progressing to half circle of canter
  • Demonstrate position without styrups
  • Demonstrate basic lateral exercises i.e. turn on the forehand
  • Know and demonstrate how to check the girth
  • Know and demonstrate how to adjust styrup length with assistance
  • Demonstrate how to ride serpentines and shallow loops
5. Walk, Trot and Canter
  • Demonstrate mounting and adjusting styrup length unaided
  • Demonstrate more complex school movements accuratlywith and understanding of straightness and bend
  • Demonstrate a wider understanding of equestrian terms
  • Demonstrate riding in "open order"
  • Demonstrate balance in a forward seat in walk trot and canter
  • Develop a feel for how the horse is going and the tatics to influence the horses way of going
  • Demonstrate Lateral ecercises shch as leg yield
  • Discribe how the horse is going and sugest exercises that will aid an improvement
  • Basic pole work
6. Walk, Trot and Canter plus
  • Demonstrate the ability to positively affect the way that the horse moves through their body position and application of aids
  • Demonstrate more complex lateral work
  • Demonstraite advanced pole work and introductory jumping
  • Demonstrate maintained balance during jump exercise
  • Small cross country jumps
  • Demonstrait cantering circles  without styrups and demonstrait balance throughout

Instructor Price Band

Instructor Band Private Semi Private Group Instructors
Off Peak Peak Off Peak Peak Off Peak Peak
Band A £61.00 £69.00 £53.00 £60.00 £39.00 £42.00 Sally Hall, Eve Poole
Band B £47.00 £53.00 £40.00 £45.00 £28.00 £30.50 Rachael Cragg, Tammy Williams, Emma Davey, Ted Fernley, Michele Miles
Band C £42.00 £46.00 £35.00 £40.00 £27.00 £28.50 Claudia Philips, Katie Ridock

Peak Times

  Days and Times
Off Peak Monday to Friday 09:30 to 16:15
Peak Monday to Friday 16:30 to 20:00, and all Saturday and Sunday

 Types of lesson

Type Number of riders Booking Notes
Private 1 All booked on line
Semi Private 2 to 3 Book one of the riders on line, then call us during office hours and we will open the group up for the require diders the you can finish the booking on line.
Group 6 Max (normaly) All booked online
Side Saddle 1 to 2 (depending on rider weights) You will need to book these by calling the office as not all coaches teach side saddle
Private groups 2 to 6 Schools, collages, University's and Clubs,  By phone or e-mail arangement
Stable Management 1 to 6 Call us during office hours to arrange
Special Needs 1 to 6 (dependinging on riders requierments) Call us during office hours to arrange

Code of Conduct for Riders and Spectators


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Office Hours
Mon to Fri 09:30 to 16:00



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