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 Pony Stars


Welcome to Pony Stars

Pony Stars is a young rider, challenge award scheme for under 12s to discover, develop and nurture their love for ponies and the outdoors. With lots topics for children to explore, Pony Stars will build knowledge and cement friendships that will last a lifetime. With four key groups, Pony Stars enables long-term progression with a range of activities that will develop knowledge, skills and self-confidence. In each group your junior riders will work through sets of challenges that make up topics within set themes.

There are four colourful and engaging My Challenge Books, one for each group, for junior riders to progress through. The My Challenge Books have been designed to progress with the child as they grow older within the programme; so each book becomes more sophisticated in terms of language and design.



Shetland Striders

Dartmoor Dazzlers

Welshie Wizzers

Connemara Champs

Suitable Age Range


4 to 10


 6 to 12

7 to 12

8 to 12

Riding Ability

Lead rein

Walk Trot

Walk Trot plus

Walk Trot plus walk trot canter Plus

Dates and Times

Mondays 16:30

Sundays 11:30

Mondays 17:30

Saturday 10:30

Wednesdays 16:30

Thursdays 16:30




Handling Ponies

Farm Animal


Pony Or Horse

Animal Lover

Animal Welfare

Colours & Markings

Stay Safe/Stay Safe

Clean Up

If My Pony Could Talk


Grooming/Feeding Ponies

Leading Ponies

Saddle and Boots

Equestrian Access Groups

Spring Clean

Navigation 1



Mane and Tail


Hoof care/ Farriery


Happy Ponies/Pony Health

Bridle and Bits



Bathing/ Plaiting


Fence Building

Tack Fit

Rules Of Feeding


Tack Care/ Ready To Ride

Bandaging/ Yard Helper



My Riding Kit/What To Wear

Grow Your Own

Pet Care

Animal Welfare

Be Nice Say Hi

Kindness/ On The Yard

First Aid



Animal Champions

Pony Behaviour

Five Freedoms

Yard Smart/On The Yard

Work Smart

Being Green

Horse Incidents

Live Well

Make a Difference

Pony Fitness

Live Well


Recycling/ Climate Campaigner

Navigation + Beach Riding

Be Prepared

Disease Prevention/Worm Control


Anatomy 2

First Aid 2/ Healthy Mind

Highway Code


Multi location

Feed The Birds

Country Side

Awards & Xmas Party

Anatomy 1

Pony Passport

Trees and Plants

Be Secure


Awards & Xmas Party

Awareness/Exploring off road

Fire Safety

Winter care

Summer care

Customer Service

Record Maintenance

Awards & Xmas Party

Condition Scoring/ First Aid For Ponies

Awards & Xmas Party


Poisonous plants


Getting On/Off

Riding Skills 1


Riding Right + Arena Awareness

Riding Skills 2

Be Safe,Be Seen & Hacking

Awareness/Exploring off road

Riding Skills 3

Warm Up Cool Down

Riding Skills 4

Handy Pony


45 Mins

Cost Riding

£25 per session

Cost other session

£20 per session


How it Works

To order the Challenge book and enrol your riders you will need to:

  1. Sign into the EC Pro booking portal
  2. Look at the 08:00 Monday morning session which will display as the four groups and their member pack. (these will be every Monday, but you only need to enrol once per rider challenge book) and select the challenge that is suitable for your rider.
  3. Pay for the challenge enrolment. (this will allow us to order the book and add the rider to the rider challenge group. 
  4. This will then allow you to see the challenge sessions available to that rider and book them as you would a normal lesson)

A lot of the topics have 2 levels (1 and 2 stars).  They will be awarded the 1 star award (in the form of a sticker to go in their challenge books) for completing the session to the leaders satisfaction with the option of upgrading it to two stars by completing (and returning) the optional homework, and gain a 2 star sticker for the challenge book.

There is no time scale to complete the challenges, and the topics will continue on a cycle to allow new comers and catching missed sessions.  You do not need to finish one challenge book before you move on, as long as the age and riding ability match all you have to do is get the new challenge book.

Tel: 01934 833248